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The World's First Professional Dry Age Smart Fridge

Largest capacity in its class with the smartest technology for homes and restaurants

Fully Automated Self-Regulating system


Smart Integrated Humidity Control


UV-C Antibacterial Sterilization


Smart Home Integration & Tracking


Industrial Grade Air Compressor & Booster


Proprietary Meat Partition System


High Precision Temperature Regulator


100 lbs of Storage Capacity

Smart Home Fridge
Primo Ager iOS App
Primo Ager Andriod App
See Who’s Talking?
Dry-Aging Made
Easy and Smart
Primo Ager is fully automated and ensures your meat is always of the highest quality and safety standards. Temperature, humidity and air flow are strictly regulated and controlled by the integrated smart system and can be easily tracked and modified from the mobile app. Receive live updates directly to your phone and know exactly when your meat is ready to eat. 
Why Dry Age Meat?
Why Professionals Prefer Delicious Dry-Aged Meat
Every professional chef agrees — dry-aged meat just tastes better. From the concentrated flavor to the unmatched tenderness, a dry-aged steak is what separates the ordinary from the extraordinary. Each bite will have significantly more flavor and better texture.
“At Gordon Ramsay Restaurants, dry ageing is a process used for a lot of our cuts of meat to make them Taste incredible”
Owen Sullivan