Frequently Asked Questions

What is Primo Ager?

Primo Ager is the most advanced, state-of-the-art dry-aged beef refrigerator available for serious cooks. The unique size of the unit is smaller than any professional dry age fridge but big enough to store up to 100lb (45kg) of meat.

Who needs Primo Ager?

Primo Ager allows anyone to enjoy the dry aging process without the need for special training or attention. It’s designed for serious cooks who love meat!

Why is Primo Ager far better than DIY?

Our Primo Ager is designed from the ground up at professional kitchen standards.  It is made with high quality materials, including 304 stainless steel, and components that hotels and restaurant kitchens have been sourcing from us in the past 2 decades. Primo Ager offers the perfect temperature and humidity to safely cultivate the right bacteria for dry aging. It is equipped with Smart technology via WiFi for real time monitoring. 

Where can I download Owner’s Guide and Quick Start?

The user guide is available on the Primo Ager app. Or, you may download a soft copy from our website when available.

Where is the product shipped out from?

Depending the shipment size and destination, most orders will ship out directly from our warehouse in Hong Kong or for bulk shipments, directly from factory in China.

Is Primo Ager available in my country?

At Primo Ager, we ship worldwide.  All orders are going through a professionally packed in-house with protective material to ensure safety deliveries.  International shipments are responsible for customs clearing/duties and local taxation which may be subject to customs polices from country to country.  We suggest you should contact your local customs office for more detail. 

You may also want to check out our expanding distribution for the nearest distributor near you.   

Dry Aging Knowledge

What is dry aging?

Dry aging is the process of storing carcasses or sub primal cuts of meat, without protective packaging, in a controlled environment to allow natural enzymes to tenderize and improve flavor of the meat. This concentrates its flavor, and the result is a tender cut, with a complex flavor profile that can be described as nutty, “funky,” and blue cheese-like.

What is required for dry aging?

It requires air flow, consistent temperature, controlled relative humidity (RH) and time.  

Can I dry age any cut of meat?

The optimal cut of meat to dry age is a large cut, not a single portion, with a fat cap or bone that covers a section of the meat. Dry aging results in a product that is a dark, deep red, with a dry surface called the pellicle. Every part of your meat that has been exposed to air needs to be trimmed off, so using a larger cut will result in a larger amount of product at the end. A large cut of meat with bone in and fat cap intact promotes flavor and protects the finished product from excess shrinkage.  

What is the optimal amount of time to dry age?

The length of time depends on personal taste.

- At 21 days, the meat is already very tender.

- At 30 days, the meat will develop a nutty, buttery popcorn flavor profile.

- At 45 days, you’ll get a much more intense meaty flavor with a blue cheese note. 

The basic rule is the longer you age the meat, the more depth of flavor you will get.  After a certain point, the taste might be too strong for some people’s liking.  

How do I know if my steak is dry aging correctly? 

You know you are dry aging correctly by observing the surface of the meat and smelling the meat.  If your dry aging is successful, a hard crust (pellicle) will form on the surface in around one week’s time.  As time goes by, it will develop a nutty, cheese-like smell.  If the smell is very unpleasant and the surface of the meat has a slimy feel to it, then it is probably rotten.  It is also important to keep a record of the storage conditions to ensure the temperature and RH are consistent during the aging period.  

What are the benefits of having a UV-C light in the fridge?

UV-C is the most effective way to sterilize the air in the fridge, which prevents bad mold and bacteria from landing on the meat.  Why the UV-C light is placed in the fan and not shining over the meat is because we do not want the UV-C light to stop any of the biochemical process of dry aging.  

How many kgs or lbs of meat can I dry age in Primo Ager?

With our exclusive Primo Rack, you can dry age up to 100 lbs (45 kgs) of meat  

With the hanger rod, you can hang up to max 132 lbs (60 kgs)

Are salt blocks required for dry aging?

In the past, salt was used to sterilize the blood drippings of the meat and absorb excess moisture in the air.  Since Primo Ager has UV-C air sterilization and true humidity control, salt blocks are not required.  


What is the measurements and weight of Primo Ager?

Dimension: H 43.3” (110cm)  x W 21.2” (54cm) x D 23.6” (60cm) 

Weight:  PA-400 (Opaque door version) 203lbs (92kgs) / PAG-400 (Glass door version) 215lbs (98kgs)

How do I reboot Primo Ager device?

Simply switch off the main power button and wait for 3 mins before switching it back ON.

What kind of plugs and voltage does Primo Ager use?

- USA and Canada will be supplied in 110v/60Hz with USA plug type B.

- Australia & New Zealand will be supplied in 230v/50Hz with UK plug type I.

- UK / Hong Kong / Singapore will be supplied in 230v/50Hz with UK plug type G.


Please contact us by email at for further enquiry.

For more information about A/C plugs, please check below:

What is the warranty? 

1 year factory warranty; thereafter, please contact your local distributor or email to us at

Will you be able to offer replacement parts? 

Most parts are not designed to fix or to replace by end users, such as the compressor & humidity system, smart module, door panel and etc.  Replacement parts within the 1st year is included.  Owners may responsible for repair cost and shipping fees after the 1st year of warranty.

revised: 1 November 2020